GPS Log Book Live

GPS Log Book Live

The GPS Log Book LiVE device represents advanced telemetric and GSM technology, all wrapped up in a compact housing. This little unit can be plugged into any vehicle with an OBDII port.

High precision GPS technology records and manages your kilometres effortlessly, while your data is readily exported into customisable spreadsheets for seamless, accurate and first class trip analysis.

Know where your assets are all the time and take back control by accurately measuring distance travelled, trip duration, stop time and much more. Whether claiming from SARS, your employer or a client, GPS Log Book saves you time and money, so you can focus on the more important things in life.

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Advanced telemetric technology
GSM electronics
Automatic data uploads
Seamless automatic GPS Log Book site integration
First-class trip monitoring, analysis and reporting

LiVE on Google Maps

Perfect for small fleets and sales teams, the GPS Log Book LiVE enables users to track their vehicles’ every movement as they happen! Monitor your vehicle’s every move from:

Speed and position
Trip status
Last location and more

Web Interface

Designed to eliminate tedious administrative functions, our GPS Log Book Web Interface is the backbone of the GPS Log Book system emphasising quality, simplicity and customer satisfaction. Users are equipped to perform a variety of useful functions, from managing device/s, viewing trips and adding locations to create powerful and informative reports.

A key GPS Log Book differentiator is the ability for users to generate SARS compliant logbook reports for use with personal Income Tax Returns.

Data is securely stored in the cloud. This enables all users to view their trip history at anytime and anywhere, from all major web browsers using our intuitive and trouble-free GPS Log Book Web Interface.

Web Interface Features

Secure HTTPS website confidentiality
Efficient trips and data management
Google Maps integration
Manage multiple devices/vehicles from single login account
Once configured, trips are automatically categorised
Create location zones
Email reminders of important events
Safe and secure online store
Data accessible anywhere with available internet connection
Logged data is stored


There is a common saying that, if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. The GPS Log Book Web Interface allows users to create a multitude of powerful and first class reports generated from the data stored in the system, including a SARS compliant logbook.

Report examples:


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