GPS Log Book

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GPS Log Book – Classic

Our compact and stylish GPS Log Book Classic device plugs into the cigarette lighter or any other 12V socket of your vehicle, tracking the use of your vehicle while doubling up as a nifty USB charger.

– High-Accuracy GPS
– Plugs into the Cigarette Lighter or any 12V socket in your vehicle
– USB Charging Portal
– SARS-Compliant Reporting
– Up to 6 months of logging memory to store trip data
– Manual data upload via USB cable
– Free 12-month subscription activated upon device registration. Thereafter, yearly subscription of R360.


GPS Log Book – LiVE

The GPS Log Book LIVE device plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII port and features GPS and automatic data upload.

– High-Accuracy GPS
– Plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII port, right under your dashboard
– See vehicle location, direction, speed, position, and more in real-time on Google Maps
– Automatic Data Upload
– SARS-Compliant Reporting
– Monthly subscription of R112. Subscription activated upon device registration.